What I Want To Do When I Grow Up

I was browsing the Web the other day, when I came across postings about Fashion Week. I think it must be Fashion Week every week, depending on the location and the designers. I love looking at all the different fashions that were being modeled.

I thought about how I’d like to design clothing for big women. I can sew, and at one point, I had been basically designing my own clothing. I had a basic pattern that I would modify for different pieces — skirts and tops. I had a tough time making my own pants. I still liked the way I could buy them. So, I don’t think I’ll be a clothing designer.

I think I’d rather be a marketing genius. I’d get such a sense of accomplishment if I could turn around a business that’s floundering. Working with business owners to promote their companies would be interesting and challenging. But with the economy the way it is, businesses are trying to do more with fewer people, so I doubt they’d add a marketing department.

So that’s why I’ve decided I want to be book editor. No matter how you get your book — in dead-tree version or e-book — it’s always going to need a good editor. And I love to read books, so it would be a win-win. Unfortunately some authors are hard to work with; they don’t want to change a word.

So, instead I’ll go into business for myself as a photographer. That looks like a fun gig. But what to photograph? And where to sell it? Do jigsaw puzzle makers need pictures to use on puzzles? Do calendar makers actually buy their photographs? Taking pictures of pets or businesses would be OK. Could I get paid for that?

Eh, maybe I’ll just stick with my day job.