Any Day Now…

Spring has been reluctant to arrive in this neck of the woods, and everyone I’ve talked to is ready for warmer weather. I’ve started looking for signs of spring during my morning walks with my puggle, Charlie.

I’m hearing songbirds! I’ve seen and heard robins chirping in the trees. I’ve heard the two-note call of the chickadee, and I’ve heard a mourning dove calling.

We’ve gone from walking on shoveled sidewalks to walking on sidewalks with no snow. Full circle! And in between, it was trudging through the snow in boots, and walking in the streets because the sidewalks were ice-covered.

One Sunday morning on our walk, Charlie and I encountered a number of people and their dogs out enjoying the sunshine. Our walk in the winter is generally done with a flashlight handy, and we see no one but the newspaper carrier.

Oh, the motorcycles were out in force on Saturday! I must have counted seven bikes on a short trip to Walmart. The riders were well-bundled, but I’m sure they were happy to be out. Also happy to be out were squirrels and rabbits! I saw them chasing around this morning. Normally I only see their tracks in the snow.

I’m not going to count seeing flip-flops in the stores, or garden sections popping up in the discount stores. That happens according to a date, certainly not the weather. And sometimes it feels like it happens earlier and earlier.

Yes, we like to make jokes about making sure we have the weekend off when summer hits, or having missed summer this year it was so brief. It’s our nature to joke about the weather. A co-worker noted that the big fluffy flakes falling would be “real pretty — if it were the middle of December.” I was advising people on how many shopping days were left until Christmas.

Last year by this time, we were out on the golf course. We like to think that maybe we did something good — that it was our reward for having a lousy winter. But Mother Nature does what she wants when she wants. And we just have to put up with it.