Charlie The Gimp

I don’t know what happened, but Charlie has turned into an old dog overnight. He went for a walk with me the day before yesterday, and then yesterday was just too darn cold and windy, so we didn’t go.

That day he came home from Grandma’s on his own. She thought he had to go out, but when she let him out the door, he came home to our unit in the building rather than the back yard. And when he’s at home, he doesn’t jump up on the couch. Ah, that’s the clue.

Apparently, Charlie’s pulled a muscle in one or more of his legs. He acted as if he wanted to jump up on the couch, but couldn’t or wouldn’t. Our walk the day before yesterday was intense. He practically dragged me all the way to the park. We hadn’t done that for some time. With the mornings so cold, we’ve taken a shorter route, dodging snow drifts and poorly shoveled walks.

HighGuy knew that something was wrong with Charlie, too, because he was at home instead of at Grandma’s. Charlie had eaten his breakfast at lunch time, and then ate supper at supper time, so it wasn’t a feeding or tummy problem.

HighGuy took him on a short walk yesterday, and Charlie seemed OK, doing all his business along the way, but no pulling or tugging on the leash. Charlie and I went for a walk this morning, and he wasn’t as enthusiastic about it as he normally would be. He usually paces back and forth while I’m getting my jacket and boots on, and he usually makes a big bounce upward at the door.

No bounces, no pacing, just patient waiting. And today when we came home, he didn’t jump up on the couch. He went back to the bedroom, and sprawled out on the floor next to our bed. When I was done in the bathroom, I found him curled up in his bed on the floor. And that’s where he stayed.

Normally, he’d follow me over to Grandma’s where I prepare her meds for the day and throw the ball for Tucker. Nope, Charlie didn’t even budge for that.

And when I left, I put a dog treat on the couch in the extra bedroom, because it’s lower and not leather — that might make a difference for him in trying to crawl up there. I put one of his blankets up there, too, so he’d know it’s OK to sleep there. (But NOT when I’m trying to dry my delicates when they “Lay Flat to Dry.”)

Both HighGuy and I thought it might be his toenails that are too long and bothering him. We were going to get him over to Petco for a little grooming, but didn’t get that far last weekend. Maybe this coming weekend. Neither one of us want to attempt his toenails. He doesn’t like having it done and he sometimes holds a grudge. Neither of us want to be the bad guy.

So we’ll wait and watch. We tried the Bed Buddy on him last night. It’s a heated bag of seeds that would soothe a strained muscle. I thought about aspirin, but I’m not quite ready for that. I’ll have to research doggie medicines before I go that route. I don’t want to create another problem while trying to solve something that might just need tme.



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  1. farside

    Hi Gail, You can safely give him a baby aspirin..cover it with a bit of peanut butter. If he stays gimpy and “off” have him checked for the tick diseases as it can make them go downhill fast:)

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