Underdogs Rule!

Yes, I was among those millions of people watching the Emmy awards last night, and I noticed a wonderful trend: the underdogs won.

Among them: the fat girl, the little guy, and the nice guy. I’m referring to Melissa McCarthy, Peter Dinklage and Kyle Chandler.

“Modern Family” won big — I don’t watch that one, so maybe they’re considered an underdog. Some familiar names were winners: Julianna Margulies, Maggie Smith, Kate Winslet, Martin Scorsese.

There were some unfamiliar names — I won’t bother listing them here, because I might have seen them on something else, or maybe I just know them by face. A few of the programs nominated were completely unknown to me, but obviously familiar to others.

I noticed that Melissa McCarthy’s co-star on “Molly and Me” was not among the nominated. He’s a bit of a brick when it comes to acting. A couple of Julianna Margulies’ co-stars were nominated. I really like “The Good Wife” and so did the voters.

I didn’t get to see the beginning of the program, so I don’t know who was doing the voice-overs. All that snarky stuff was annoying at times. Stats, OK, but some of those comments bordered on rude. And if you’re going to be rude, just bring back the British guy, who made a filmed greeting that was obviously “edited” for humor.

I enjoy the humor of the program, but some of it was almost an inside joke among peers. And I didn’t get it. Michael Bolton singing about Capt. Jack Sparrow? Huh? Apparently that was a parody of a music video that I have never seen. Let’s just say it didn’t go viral.

I think they could have done away with those singers and let the stars talk a little longer. Yeah, some of them are not speakers, and some could use writers for their thank-you speeches. The best acceptance speeches were by the writers.

I didn’t see any egregious fashion faux pas. There were a few of the women who could have used some advice from someone more objective. Maybe some of those dresses were great in person but just didn’t photograph well. Heck, maybe some of them were really comfortable, but I doubt it.

Julianna Margulies’ dress looked like it was either vinyl or plastic. With her dark hair, she could have worn almost any color, but white wasn’t a good choice. Katie Holmes’ dress had strange straps — it just exaggerated her broad shoulders or called attention to her narrow shoulders, I couldn’t decide which.

Those dresses that make the wearer look naked underneath? Eh, those aren’t so flattering. Melissa McCarthy’s dress wasn’t horrible, but I bet she could have done something more flattering, too. The big gal from “Glee” was very nicely dressed.

Jane Lynch’s dresses were all stunning — which brings me to another observation. I want to be Lynch’s publicist. That person has got to be BUSY! It seems like everywhere I turn, I see something about Jane Lynch: her book, her emcee gig, her gayness. OK, I get it. She’s gay, she’s married, and she’s a mother.

She’s also very talented, very versatile, and a lot of fun to watch. And she’s no longer an underdog.