Last night while HighGuy was recording something else, we watched the finale of The Glee Project. It’s a reality show in which kids auditioned to be written into a story line on “Glee,” a real TV show about a fictional high school glee club. (Get that?)

They had 40,000 kids who auditioned through YouTube, and a certain number of them were chosen to audition for the reality show. Of those, twelve were picked for The Glee Project. I started to record all the episodes, and then I remembered that I don’t like reality shows.

There’s always too much drama — crying, ranting, tantrums — that I just don’t care for reality shows. HighGuy gets enough of that from me already. So when I watched one episode of The Glee Project, I knew that I wasn’t going to want to see any more. Each student was given homework assignments — learn a song, learn a dance move, learn to act — and then be critiqued by various people connected to Glee.

Last night it was down to the final four, so I figured it would be a safe bet to watch. I wanted to find out who to look for in the coming season of Glee. The final four were a girl who had pipes like Lea Michele and would have been a good foil for her character; a guy with dreadlocks who could add some evil color to the program; a guy from Ireland who could be written in as an exchange student; and a guy who could make a convincing girl in drag.

The finale’s episode included performances from each of the finalists in which they each chose their own song. Special guests were the other eight kids who’d already been eliminated who came back for a performance of “Don’t Stop Believin’.” That was bittersweet, I’m sure.

The final four each performed solo for the Glee people and a number of current cast members who cheered and stood after each performance. That had to be encouraging. The guy in dreads sang “Jolene” by Dolly Parton — a strange choice to be sure. He accompanied himself on guitar — a pretty low-key performance. The cross-dresser performed in drag and there were a few raised eyebrows. But he did well, too.

The kid from Ireland sang a crooner’s song from the Fifties and dedicated it to the two fat girls in the crowd. Whatever. He did a good job, too. The lone girl sang a song from a Broadway play, and blew us away with her voice. She has a future in music. So it was a huge surprise when they eliminated her FIRST!

The producers, co-creators — whoever they were — chose DreadsGuy and IrishGuy for a six-episode story line for the show! So we got two winners instead of one. THEN they announced that they liked the other two kids so much that they were going to each be featured in two episodes. So now we basically have four winners.

I think they did the right thing — each of those final four students were great performers and could be outstanding additions to the cast. I’m sure the kids were happy that all their work wasn’t for nothing. It was almost cowardly not sticking to their guns and choosing one, but I’m glad they didn’t. Each kid was so unique, there was no way to compare one to the next.

In a way, having the Glee people there had to be inspiring — to the adults! They could look at each kid and visualize a story line. If I were a writer for the show, I know I’d like to be there to see who we’re writing for.  And now I’m really looking forward to the new season of Glee.