Wealthy Indeed

I am SO looking forward to this weekend. I have a wealth of books lined up to read, and no pressing engagements. The weather? I don’t care. We have air conditioning at the lake, so I can cuddle up with my blankie and a book, and let the world go by.

I’m halfway through a local book which has turned out to be quite a love story. Then, one of the women at work gave me a book to read. Amazon had sent me two books I ordered last night, so I looked those over, and they look good, too.

There are four other local books in my bag; I’m not sure I’ll do reviews of all of them. And I still have Ken Follett’s book, “Fall of Giants,” waiting for me. I reserved that one for this summer, so I could get a good start on it without being interrupted.

I suppose I’ll have to take time out to eat and sleep, and make the rounds at the thrift stores. You never know what you might find! Last week, I found a jigsaw puzzle that looked fun. The week before, my mother-in-law found a futon cover that fit perfectly over the cushion we use on the yard swing at the lake.

Since my success with cutting off a dress to make a blouse, I might have to check the racks for dresses on sale. And of course, I always look over the book racks to see if there’s anything there from my personal reading list. My list of favorite authors just seems to grow and grow.

I don’t even have to wait until we get to the lake to start reading. I read in the car on the way there. (And sometimes fall asleep.) HighGuy does most of the cooking, and he never complains about me staying up late to read. He’ll just have to remember to turn me now and then so I don’t take root.