Filling Out The Flower Bed

I went to the library last night and on my way home had to stop at a large retailer to get some chips for HighGuy. He had some salsa he had to try, but nothing to dip into it. Me? I wanted a couple more roses to fill out the flower bed.

I checked out their greenhouse section, and at first, all I could find was rose bushes that would line the berm around a gas station. They’re sturdy and hardy plants, but the blooms are small and don’t smell like anything. They’re pretty, but not what I was looking for.

Then against the back fence, I saw a bunch of roses in the small tubular packages. I knew these had to be what I wanted. I carefully moved them around, so I could see what was there. Most of them were climbing roses, and they didn’t have big blossoms, so I kept digging. Finally I found a couple of hybrid tea roses with yellow blooms.

They were marked $4.25. I took them to the checkout (along with the chips) and stood in line. And waited. And waited. There’s one clerk checking us out, and the lady at the front of the line has a full cart and two kids with her. Two clerks walk by the line with no end, and do nothing. I’m starting to slowly boil, literally and figuratively, since I’m in the greenhouse area and it’s cooking out here.

Finally, the woman and her kids are done, and the line is moving. The girl in front of me has one item — an energy drink. And then her debit card won’t work. She and the clerk must try it a half dozen times, and can’t get it to work. She looks back at me and quietly apologizes. She apparently doesn’t have any cash on her.

I figure the only way to get the line moving again is to buy her drink for her, so I make the offer. She thanks me, takes the bottle, and I get my stuff checked out, too. I’m so tired by this time, I think maybe I should have had a bottle myself.

When I got home, I looked at my receipt again, and sure enough, I got those rose bushes on sale. Not 99 cents — this was a different store — but for $3.99 each. They were pretty ratty looking, so I figured I better get them in the ground. Thank goodness, I already had the flower bed prepared.

It didn’t take any time at all to dig holes and get the bushes planted. I gave them a generous slurp of water and called it a night. I figure for $3.99, if they survive long enough to even give me one flower, I’ve got my money’s worth. My 99-cent plant is doing well — I’ve already cut flowers from it.

So now I have little pink roses, little light pink roses, big yellow roses edged in pink, and I’ll have big yellow roses if these last two survive. Hmm, I might have to dig up the peony and replace it with a red rose!