Dress Shopping

I went shopping over the weekend, looking around for a dress or nice pantsuit for a wedding coming up this weekend. I didn’t find what I wanted, but I did buy a denim dress that fit really well, and it was only $2.50. For that price, I can whack it off and wear it as a top.

Then my daughter and I went shopping last night, and she had me trying on some of the most godawful dresses at Lane Bryant. These dresses shouldn’t have even been MADE. One was a huge black and white print on cotton — it had a big collar, and a sash that wrapped around to give it the look of being a wrap-around.

It was like a car crash. I just couldn’t stop looking at it because it was so awful. Then I tried on some of the dresses that I thought would be more flattering. She took pictures with her phone, and my mom, husband and sister confirmed for her that my choice was better. 

My choice wasn’t much better. It was a knit tube with a string around the bodice, and was topped by a short little jacket. When I modeled it in person for them, my sister said she had some other options for me. She started bringing down dresses for me to try on.

Now I need to say I was skeptical, primarily because my sister is taller than I, and although she has impeccable taste, she is younger and has different coloring. She brought down some gorgeous dresses — all of which I tried on. We could weed out a couple right away, but for the most part, I could have worn any of them!

I decided to hang onto two different dresses, and depending on what I find for shoes, that’s what I’ll wear. One is a long black dress decorated with little embroidered rosebuds. I like that one because it looks like a dress I would pick out for myself. The other is a turquoise dress that is shorter, but is still a good choice since it’s a morning wedding.

My sister said I could check out her shoes, and see if she has anything I might be interested in. Oh, heck, why did I go shopping anywhere else?