Rainy Weekend

Our rainy weekend ended on Sunday with beautiful weather! Not a cloud in the sky. Just a little breeze, and a golf club in my hand. Like the beer ad says, “It doesn’t get better than this.”

HighGuy and I met our friends, Mickey and Minnie (not their real names), out at the golf course on Sunday. HighGuy and Mickey work together, so they didn’t have anything to catch up on, but Minnie and I had some serious talking to do!

I used to bowl on Wednesday nights with Minnie. This year I decided to sit it out to save money. I don’t always hear the straight scoop from HighGuy either, so I had to hear from Minnie how things were going. The bowling team did OK — not great, but not dead last. Both she and Mickey have had health hiccups, but they’re both doing great now. I was relieved to hear that Minnie’s hysterectomy caught all the cancer, with no radiation or chemo recommended.

My golf game sucked — even worse than the weekend before — but that’s not surprising. If I don’t play on a consistent basis, my game goes to pot in a hurry. As we walked along, chatting, I wished that I’d taken on a second job so we could afford a membership to a golf club. Eh, hindsight is 20/20.

HighGuy was having a good time, until he hit a drive and twisted his back wrong. He was in pain, because he just wanted to get off the course and home. We were already to the seventh hole — a fun shorter hole for us gals, but we didn’t have a chance to try it. I knew that if HighGuy were willing to walk off the course, he must be in trouble.

We made it home fine — I put some stuff on his back and he spent the rest of the day in his recliner. The walking off the course probably helped keep him from getting stiff, too. Both of us noticed that we’d gotten sunburned, so it was probably a good thing we left when we did.

And I noticed that I’m going to have to go back to wearing a hat rather than a brim, because I burned my scalp, too!