Tiny House Living

My husband has been watching HGTV and DIY, and enjoys the tiny house building shows. Some of the builders are really creative when it comes to using space. But me? I think I’d miss the space. I like my space. I like being able to get a bunch of dishes in the sink and get…
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Nightmare Of The Week

Generally speaking, when I change jobs I have a dream or a nightmare about going back to the old job. When I took a new job at the Cass County Courthouse, I thought I’d have lots of nightmares about going back to Integreon. Integreon must be Fargo’s best-kept secret. They process documents in a general…
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Walks With Charlie

Walking with our dog Charlie is never dull. He generally starts out by barking while I’m putting his halter on — he’s just so excited about getting out there! And he drags me the first five minutes or so. ¬†After a while, he settles down to a manageable pace, and we’re off to the park.…
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Bathroom Flap

I cannot believe the controversy over what bathroom a transgender person will use in public places.¬†First of all: who is going to police who goes into what bathroom? Our law enforcement folks have more important things to do than answer calls about someone going potty in a restroom. Second: are you going to ask someone…
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“Ishmael” And Other Thoughts

The book club I attend recently read “Ishmael,” about a — OK, this sounds nuts — gorilla who communicates with a man about the future of the world. Full disclosure: I didn’t read the whole thing. My loan at the library was up, and I neglected to renew it. So the e-book went back to…
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